Client Services Team

Liz Albershardt, Jamila Alfred, Beth Finney, Natalie M. Peart, Nicole Whatley and Lauren White,
Blue Heron Wellness’ fabulous front desk team, will be happy to greet you, give you a tour of Blue Heron, schedule appointments and help make your experience welcoming and memorable. We are grateful to all of them for their dedication and skill at smoothing your way as you join our wellness community.

Liz Albershardt, Blue Heron Wellness Client Services Team Manager
Liz Albershardt
Liz Albershardt is the Operations Manager at Blue Heron Wellness. She is an alumni of St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She enjoys being outdoors, travel, learning about different cultures, and working with kids in her free time. She is proud of the many services Blue Heron offers to promote longevity and better quality of life.


Jamila Alfred, Blue Heron Wellness Client Services Team Member
Jamila Alfred
Jamila Alfred is a Silver Spring, MD dweller and holistic health enthusiast who studies Broadcast Journalism at Bowie State University. In the future, she plans to be a holistic nutritionist to encourage others to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. While not at work, she enjoys practicing yoga, crafting vegan meals, and spending time with friends and family.


Beth Finney, Blue Heron Wellness Client Services Team Member
Beth Finney
Beth Finney is an avid gardener, dog walker and outdoor enthusiast. She loves being part of a wonderful yoga community and spending time with family.


Natalie M. Peart, Blue Heron Wellness Client Services Team Member
Natalie M. Peart
Natalie M. Peart is an Atlanta, Georgia native who has lived in the Washington, DC area since 2008. While working as a communications professional, she enjoys reading, shopping and spending time with family in her spare time.


Nicole Whatley, Blue Heron Wellness Client Services Team Member
Nicole Whatley 
Nicole Whatley was born and raised in the Washington DC area.  She has traveled to many African and European countries.  During the day she works as a Database Manager for a Not for Profit Association, by night she loves to work with Herbals.  She recently taught a Women’s Rites of Passage Program about Herbal medicines.


Lauren White, Blue Heron Wellness Client Services Team Member
Lauren White 
Lauren White is a yogi from the Washington, D.C. area. She developed a strong interest in integrative medicine, Qi Gong, acupuncture, holistic skincare and yoga while still in high school. She believes her yoga practice brings her profound inner peace and confidence. When she’s not at Blue Heron Wellness she’s spending time with her boyfriend, 80-lb German Shepherd and family.