Claudia Neuman

Born in Los Angeles, California, Claudia began her formal yoga training in 1984. It was there that she spent 10 years assisting and teaching along side some of the most noteworthy teachers of our time. She traveled and studied with Pattabhi Jois (creator of the Ashtanga Yoga System), she was one of the first to graduate from Rod Stryker’s ISHTHA Yoga Teachers Training, she assisted Erich Shiffman for several years, and also studied and taught at Forrest Yoga. While at USC completing a Masters degree in Social Work, she taught yoga to students and faculty alike. She integrated her skills as a therapist and yoga instructor developing corporate stress reduction programs, working with oncology patients at Children’s Hospital, and teaching yoga to artists and performers. In 2005 she received certification in Anusara Yoga. Claudia’s classes reflect her rich background of yoga experience as well as the love and dedication to her life-long practice of yoga. Look for Claudia's regular quarterly articles in Pathways Magazine.
See what students are saying:
"Just took the workshop with Claudia Newman on the History of Yoga. This women has so much knowledge on yoga, she is incredible. Loved the workshop. Thanks Claudia. Waiting for the next workshop."  Theresa 6/16

Claudia Neuman instructs the following:
  • Yoga I
  • In Yoga I the emphasis is on developing awareness of the body and learning alignment. Students will be introduced to Sun Salutations and other basic poses, as well as breathing techniques.

  • Yoga II
  • For students with a good understanding of the basic standing, seated and revolved postures wishing to deepen their practice. This class will explore more advanced variations of asanas as well as introduce more challenging inversions, arm-balances and pranayama.

  • The Gift of Slowing Down: Yin Yoga for Total Rejuvenation Workshop - $20
  • Yin Yoga practice offers you the opportunity to explore effortlessness while rejuvenating the connective tissue of the major joints of the body. The Yin approach encourages true physical health and sound emotional well being through longer held poses with relaxed musculature. As we move into this slow and deep practice our focus will be on connecting to the ‘Inner Teacher’ who resides in that place of nurturing stillness within all of us, setting the stage for meditation and contemplative practices.

    This workshop is suitable for all levels of yogis. Pre-registration recommended. $20 per session.

  • Yin Yoga
  • This contemplative practice utilizes modest floor poses to stimulate connective tissue giving particular focus to the hips, sacrum, low spine, and knees. Uniquely therapeutic and rehabilitative to these areas of the body, Yin Yoga is an excellent modality for providing a structural and emotional counterbalance to more muscular forms of asana and other "yang" activities.
    This practice is appropriate for people who have resisted becoming active because of joint pain and is also ideal for athletes who experience joint pain caused by muscular overuse. The gentle but consistent stimulation to the connective tissues taught through Yin Yoga encourages long-term health and mobility of the joints, calms and recharges the nervous system, and naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative state.

  • Yoga Teacher Training Information Session - Free
  • Interested in sharing your love of yoga with others? Ready to make the change to a more satisfying career? Eager to deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and practice?

    Come to our free information session to learn more about the Blue Heron Wellness Yoga Teacher Training. We hold a comprehensive training that will lead you towards Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) eligibility.

    During this informational session you will get an overview of the program and get the opportunity to meet and speak with Claudia Neuman the Yoga Teacher Training Director.

    Bring your questions and shared enthusiasm for yoga and find out if our Yoga Teacher Training Program is right for you!

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