Rick Kowalewski

Rick is a teacher, student, and life practitioner. He began his yoga journey on a gift card. Then he simply got drawn in — physically, mentally, spiritually, and by the sense of community. He is a volunteer at the Walter Reed Medical Center where he’s led many yoga classes for wounded warriors, their families, and medical staff who treat them. His practice has become a blend of playful styles, and his classes include elements of yin yoga, flow, Qigong, the physiology of stretching and breathing, and supportive assists.
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Rick Kowalewski instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  • This contemplative practice utilizes modest floor poses to stimulate connective tissue giving particular focus to the hips, sacrum, low spine, and knees. Uniquely therapeutic and rehabilitative to these areas of the body, Yin Yoga is an excellent modality for providing a structural and emotional counterbalance to more muscular forms of asana and other "yang" activities.
    This practice is appropriate for people who have resisted becoming active because of joint pain and is also ideal for athletes who experience joint pain caused by muscular overuse. The gentle but consistent stimulation to the connective tissues taught through Yin Yoga encourages long-term health and mobility of the joints, calms and recharges the nervous system, and naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative state.

  • Yoga Hike along the Rachel Carson Trail
  • In this workshop we’ll explore the historic Rachel Carson Trail in the Northwest Branch, with several stops along the way to integrate our yoga practice into the hike. The park is a beautiful, natural gem right in our midst. And it’s autumn! The hike will be moderate, with some climbing and crossing small streams. The yoga practice will be mixed -- energetic and meditative. We will come away feeling grounded, strong, and at ease.

    Please bring a water bottle and wear athletic or hiking shoes. And feel free to bring a snack to eat on the trail. Plan on about 90 minutes for the workshop.
    Note: This workshop will be held offsite. Students will meet at Blue Heron to sign in, then walk across the street to the beginning of the trail.
    Rick Kowalewski has been teaching yoga in Silver Spring since 2011. He is also a watercolor artist, and often hikes the Northwest Branch trails near his home.
    Cost $25