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Organic & Natural Skin Care

Just as massage eases tension in tired muscles and relaxes the mind, Blue Heron Wellness holistic skin care and facial services rejuvenate the skin and soothe the senses.  Age-management, acne and general health maintenance of the skin are all issues that may be addressed here.  Your esthetician will work with you to determine which holistic skin care treatment is best for you given the issues and goals you bring to them.  Your treatment options include a natural botanical line by Skin Fitness Therapy, and an Organic line of premium products by Ilike of Hungary.

Blue Heron Wellness Estheticians use Skin Fitness Therapy, a botanically-based line made in the USA, for many of our skincare services. Skin Fitness uses natural and purified ingredients only — there are no parabens, SLS, artificial colors/fragrance/preservatives or petroleum derived ingredients.

Organic products, those that use no chemicals or pesticides during development or extraction, are not only natural but eco-friendly.  Many of our clients prefer this safe and earth-friendly alternative and understand and accept the additional investment .  For those clients we now offer ilike Organic Skin Care Products through our skincare professionals.  The iLike line draws on the special nutrients found exclusively in rich, Hungarian soil.  The products feature whole foods that have undergone a special cleansing process that maintains the optimum efficacy of the ingredients.

Like a diet of whole, organic foods optimizes the health of the body, the iLike products provide whole food nutrition to give the greatest benefit to the skin.

What Some of Our Clients Say


“The facial was just what I needed. (My) skin still feels very soft and clean and the wrinkles are not there this morning. I won’t wait so long for the next one!”
— Elena Z.

“My facial was a wonderful experience. Frieda was so professional yet warm and friendly. I was so relaxed and my skin felt great. I should do it every Friday.”
— Annett T.

“Frieda provided exactly what I wanted – a relaxing, hydrating facial. She “went the extra mile” to make sure I got the full benefit of the treatment.”
— Anonymous


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