Julie Holly Photo
Julie Holly
Known for her touch and in-depth knowledge of holistic skincare, microdermabrasion and peels, Julie strives to guide her clients into a deeper appreciation of the self through the care of their skin. She offers a relaxing yet thorough treatment, inviting her clients to ask questions or simply dose off under her care. Julie’s specialties include acne, age management and correction of uneven skin tone. Her love for skin can be felt through her hands and clients tend to leave with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the body’s largest organ.


Freida Francis Photo
Freida Francis
Freida’s goal is to help her clients enjoy the journey to achieving glowing, healthy skin. Because to her, beautiful skin is the first step to having self confidence. As a licensed Esthetician, Freida will help you to understand your skin from inside out: How to care for yourself and the importance of caring for the total package. How what you eat and your lifestyle choices affect your body internally and externally. Because good health internally and externally is an everyday routine of eating healthy foods, working out and taking time to care for yourself. She will help her clients understand that healthy skin is really skin deep and it’s more than applying a product to the top layer of your face. …Because what you see on the outside is just half the story.

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