Holistic Skin Care Service Descriptions

Foundation Facials

The foundation facial is for those clients seeking to rejuvenate their skin. This is accomplished through increasing skin cell turnover, oxygenating the skin through massage and optimum hydration. The foundation facial addresses a number of skin concerns such as acne and age-management. It is also a great treatment for maintaining healthy skin.

60-minute Natural Facial

Our 60 minute treatment begins with a skin analysis, followed by a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and massage of the décolleté, face, scalp and hands. An enhancement treatment may be suggested by your therapist in order to maximize the benefit of this treatment. This treatment is also available for the back.

90-minute facial

All of the services of a 60-minute treatment plus a mineral infusion mask The 90 minute facial is ideal for those clients who haven’t had a facial in quite a long time (more than 6 months), have active, grade 4 acne or are looking for an enhanced solution to age-management issues.

45-minute facial

This treatment includes everything in the 60 minute treatment, but you and your therapist decide if it’s more advantageous for your skin to extract or massage the face. This is ideal for those not interested in extensive extractions or who are pressed for time.

30-minute facial

Our 30 minute treatment is ideal before a big night out or as a quick pick me up for the skin. The treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, mask and hand massage.

Facial Treatment Enhancements

You can add treatments to your Foundation Facial to address your specific skin conditions and needs. These can be added to any individual skin treatment or as a purchased as a package to support your customized treatment protocol.

Basic Peels and Treatments

Salicylic Acid Peel

Ideal for those with deep wrinkles, excessive dead cell build-up, sun-damage and grade 4 acne

Deep Pore Pumpkin Peel

Ideal for moderate wrinkles and fine lines, dead-cell build up, minor sun-damage and grade 2 acne

Cranberry Treatment

Ideal for dead cell build up and mild acne. This is also ideal for teen-aged skin.

Premium Peels and Treatments

Organic Yoghurt Power Peel

Featuring lactic acid and probiotics, this peel addresses a number of skin concerns including discoloration, acne and fine lines. This may be added to any treatment.

Organic AHA Fruit Peel with Hungarian Paprika Gel

Great for every skin type or skin problem, especially for sensitive skin and fine lines and wrinkles, this is a rejuvenating and very stimulating treatment that elevates body heat and increases blood circulation immediately after application, raising the cellular metabolism to provide an oxygenating absorption. You may experience a flush and tingling with this peel, but that means it is working to turn dull, lifeless skin into a truly soft, radiant glow.

Ultra Sound Deep Cleansing Pore Treatment

Receive a deeper, longer lasting result from your facial with the addition of the ultra sound deep cleansing pore massage. This treatment removes 6X more makeup, 2X more dirt and oil and helps with the absorption of serums, massage oils and masks by massaging the pores with 400 movements per second. Gentle enough for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Vitamin C Infusion Treatment

For those seeking to reduce discoloration as they improve skin firmness, the 30% vitamin C treatment is ideal. This peel uses ultrasound technology that improves the vitamin C absorption by 61%. While this can be added to any individual facial, we highly recommend this treatment as a series of 6 weekly treatments and the 20% vital C serum for home care. Suitable for all skin types.

Diamond Peel Resurfacing Treatment

Combining laser cut diamonds and gentle suction this treatment improves skin firmness, reduces blemishes and fine lines by manually removing dead and flaky skin cells from the surface. After the resurfacing, the skin is well primed to receive nutrients from serums, moisturizers and masks. We highly recommend a series of 6 weekly treatments for maximum efficacy. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Premium Packages

Acne Clearing Package

Package of 6 treatments, each including the complete Express Facial with extractions and acne treatment that responds to the client’s specific grade of acne. Depending on skin’s needs and conditions, treatments may include a Deep Pore Pumpkin Peel for a lower grade acne condition or a Salicylic Acid Peel for a more advanced grade. Treatments recommended weekly.

Anti-Aging & Sensitive Skin Package

Package of 6 treatments each including a complete Express Facial and treatment that responds to skin’s specific needs. Treatments may include a naturally-derived Salicylic Acid Peel or an organic AHA Fruit Peel with Paprika Treatment to correct dehydration and wrinkles, sun damage and age spots, and inflammation and skin blemishes such as adult acne. Regular, periodic treatments recommended based on practitioner analysis. The organic AHA Fruit Peel is also a perfect option for adult sensitive skin.

Diamond Exfoliation Package

Package of 6 treatments each including a complete Express Facial with a mask specifically addressing a client’s needs and a deep exfoliation with the diamond wand. It removes the dead cells that dull the skin surface. Treatment leaves skin visibly refreshed, smoother and glowing. Optimal results with regular treatments.

Sensitive Skin Package for Teens

Package of 6 treatments each including a complete Express Facial with a naturally derived cranberry peel that balances oils, refines pore and reduces blemishes for teens with sensitive skin.

Vita-C Infuser Package

Package of 6 treatments, each including a complete express facial to brighten, tighten, and restore collagen with this Vita-C treatment enhanced with ultrasound technology and Express Facial. You will experience visibly brighter, firmer skin. Optimal results with six regular treatments.