Therapeutic Massage, Skincare and Combined Wellness Packages

Wellness is not achieved in a single event but through an on-going commitment to your well-being. We want to help you get there, so we have designed wellness packages with just that in mind. You can now more easily and affordably receive the services and the treatments you need at Blue Heron Wellness. Packages may be conveniently purchased through the website, online, by phone, or in person. Generally, your visit on the day of purchase will be covered under the package. And, many packages may be shared.


Combined Wellness Packages

Combining the restorative and rejuvenating benefits of individual services, enhance your overall well-being. Select the package that’s right for you.

Have it All! $499.97 (reg. $535)

Perfectly Serene- Restore mind, body, and soul with an ultra relaxing 90-minute massage and a 60-minute organic facial with an organic yogurt peel, plus a set of three private hourly yoga sessions. Have it all!

Express Health $199.98 (reg. $224)

The Healthy Express, sometimes “quick” is good for you with this set of three 30-minute massages and a three class yoga pass.

Get Glowing $165.00 (reg $185)

Get Glowing… from the inside out with a one-hour massage and a penetrating skin treatment for her skin using pure, organic products using whole food nutrition.

Stretch and Relax $159.99 (reg $185)

Stretch and relax, 60-minute massage plus five-class yoga pass. Combine yoga’s healing power with a deep penetrating therapeutic massage. Learn to live without chronic stiffness!

Therapeutic Massage Packages

Therapeutic Massage, received regularly and consistent¬ly, can relieve muscular stress and tension and manages pain. A package of massage treatments makes it more affordable. We provide a wide variety of packages so you may select the one that is perfect for you!

Express Relief

Packages of 30-minute express massages target your most acute needs.

Express I $159.99 (save $20)

Three 30- minute massages

Express II $309.90 (save $50)

Six 30-minute massages


Packages of 60-minute massages relieve pain, helping to heal your body.

Serenity I $255 (save $30)

Three 60-Minute Massages

Serenity II $330 (save $50)

Four 60-Minute Massages

Serenity III $484.98 (save $85)

Six 60-Minute Massages

Serenity IV $915 (save $225)

Twelve 60-Minute Massages

The Perfect Relaxer

Packages of 90-minute massages to thoroughly relax and restore you perfectly.

Relaxer I $347.97  (save $57)

Three 90-Minute Massages

Relaxer II $669 (save $141)

Six 90-Minute Massages

Relaxer III $1,296 (save $324)

Twelve 90-Minute Massages

Skin Care Packages

You can have the regular holistic care your skin craves affordably & conveniently in a neat little package!

Get Glowing $165 (Save $20)

60-Minute Therapeutic Massage & Premium Organic Facial treatment. The most popular rejuvenation set.

Acne Clearing Set $360 (Save $90)

6 treatments, each includes Express Facial with extractions and acne treatment that responds to the client’s specific grade of acne. Treatments may include a Deep Pore Pumpkin Peel for a lower grade acne condition or a Salicylic Acid Peel for a more advanced grade.

Anti-Aging/Sensitive Skin $420 (Save $90)

6 treatments, each includes Express Facial and treatment responding to skin’s specific needs. Treat¬ments may include a naturally-derived Salicylic Acid Peel or an organic AHA Fruit Peel with Paprika Treatment to correct dehydration and wrinkles, sun damage and age spots, and inflammation and skin blemishes such as adult acne. AHA Fruit Peel is also a perfect option for adult sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Teen Pack $195 (Save $45)

6 treatments, each includes Express Facial with a naturally derived cranberry peel that balances oils, refines pore and reduces blemishes for teens with sensitive skin.

Vita-C Infuser Set $360 (Save $90)

6 treatments, each includes Express Facial. Brighten, tighten, and restore collagen with this Vita-C treatment enhanced with ultrasound technology. Experience visibly brighter, firmer skin.


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