Workplace Wellness

A Healthy Workplace is a Great Investment

Blue Heron’s Workplace Wellness programs make it easy for your company to provide high-value, cost-saving wellness programs to your employees.

Blue Heron Wellness Services for the Workplace
In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive markets, on-site fitness and wellness programs set you apart from your competition.  There is no better way to improve employee morale, increase employee productivity and retention, and control spiraling health insurance costs.

Best of all: We make it easy and affordable to provide first-class wellness treatments that your employees will love!  Our highly-skilled, dedicated and award-winning* health and wellness professionals come right to you!


We Deliver

* Nutrition Programs
* Seated Massage
* Yoga and Movement
* Group Acupuncture

Blue Heron Wellness Programs Enhance Employee Morale and Productivity

Imagine the Morale-Boosting Cost-Saving Benefits

Our convenient, affordable workplace wellness treatments can help you:

  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Improve employee morale and retention
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Reduce health care cost

We Make It Easy

We customize and implement your wellness event(s).  These can include:

  • A single Wellness Day or Staff Appreciation Event,
  • After-hours fitness classes
  • A complete ongoing in-house Wellness Program.

We Make It Affordable

We can bring you all the benefits of Blue Heron’s integrated wellness services and offer three creative payment options: employer-sponsored, employer-subsidized or employee-paid.

Bottom Line Benefits of Workplace Wellness

Blue Heron On-Site Massage Relieves Workplace Stress and Improves Employee Health Providing therapeutic massage and professional fitness instruction to your staff may sound like a high-end perk that is not in your budget.  But your investment can be less than $19 per day per staff member.

What’s good for your employees — your most valuable resource — is good for your bottom line.

Research shows that stress accounts for over 50% of lost work days, 40% of job turnover and 80% of all industrial accidents. In all, job stress is estimated to cost U.S. industry more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity  and medical, legal and insurance costs. Research suggests employers get an average of $3.48 back in reduced health care costs and $5.82 in lower absenteeism for every dollar spent on employee wellness.

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Success Stories

Case #1

A client recently contacted us after her staff had successfully completed a large project on budget and on time. Her company wanted to acknowledge the nearly round-the-clock efforts of their staff in a unique way – free lunch just wasn’t going to do it.  So we brought them a day of tension-busting chair massage.  The smiles on their faces and the sighs of relaxation said it all!

Case #2

Another client’s firm had experienced a round of layoffs and salary cuts.  The Human Resources (HR) Director was desperately searching for a way to rebuild the remaining staff’s feeling of belonging and raise their morale.

We brainstormed and imagined what kind of wellness event would meet her objectives.

The HR Director was concerned about cost . . . but she was surprised at how easily and affordably we could put an employee morale-boosting wellness event into action.

Working together, we designed and launched their first Wellness Day—an entire day that included a health-conscious breakfast & lunch, tension-zapping, seated massage, invigorating stretching classes and a fun and stress-reducing, after-hours yoga class.

The shared meals brought people out of their offices and cubicles for socializing, fun and relaxation.

The massage and stretching relaxed and rejuvenated tense muscles.

The smiles, friendly chatter and laughter was something that hadn’t been heard much in recent weeks and was a welcome sign of recovery.

Want to Create Your Own Success Story?

What would you like to bring to your organization?

  • A recruiting and retention tool that sets you apart from your competition
  • A reward for a job well done
  • A demonstration of your commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being
  • An opportunity for team building and increasing morale

Just choose from the variety of rejuvenating services our Workplace Wellness Team offers and enjoy the immediate benefits of our therapeutic services right in your office:

Seated Massage

Blue Heron Seated Massage in the Workplace Maryland, Virginia, Washington DCSeated massage offers a rejuvenating break from work that leaves employees feeling relaxed and energized. In just a few minutes, an employee can experience the benefits of a massage without leaving the office.

Using specially-designed massage chairs, licensed massage therapists deliver tension-soothing massages to muscles in the back, shoulders, neck, head and arm.  These massages can be done almost anywhere in your office or event location.  People remain fully clothed and no oils or lotions are necessary.
Workplace Fitness Classes: Professional Instruction by Blue Heron Wellness

Worksite Fitness Programs

Healthy and fit employees are happy and more productive – and that is good for your bottomline!

Set yourself apart from competing organizations with customized fitness programs designed to fulfill your employee retention needs.

Traditional boot camps, stretching for the desk jockey and individualized personal fitness training combine with fitness assessments and regular progress reports to enhance your employees’ well-being and your business.

Nutrition In the Workplace

Our nutrition education programs are customized to your organization’s needs and can be set up in any office space from the lunchroom to the boardroom.

Our Certified Health Coaches offer interactive group workshops for large or small groups. Participants will acquire the knowledge and tools needed for busy people to enjoy healthy lifestyles and to perform at their best.

In addition, we offer one-on-one and group health coaching that can easily fit into the workday!

Lunch & Learns

In addition to nutrition, we offer workshops that provide participants with ways to effectively manage stress and to achieve healthier lifestyles. Topics include:

Stress Management
Guided Relaxation and Meditation
Office Ergonomics

Group Acupuncture

Blue Heron Wellness Acupuncture Treatment on Woman's Ear Group acupuncture is a unique experience designed to provide a deep level of relaxation and revitalization.  Licensed acupuncturists provide treatment while your staff relaxes in chairs or on mats on the floor.  This treatment can easily be experienced in a small group setting.

Yoga and Movement Classes

Yoga in the Workplace reduces stress and keeps employees healthy Bring your employees together for revitalizing classes designed for all experience and fitness levels.

  • Specially trained and certified instructors provide classes in yoga, tai chi, qigong or other movements such as belly dancing.
  • Classes may be scheduled in a series of weekly sessions for your employees.
  • Classes may also be scheduled as a one-time event ~ yoga and movement classes are a great revitalizing break to support your meetings and events.


Give the Gift of Wellness: Blue Heron Wellness Gift Cards

Blue Heron Gift Cards

Wellness Gift Cards

Wellness gift cards can be used as a reward or recognition for your  staff or as a note of appreciation for your clients. Gift cards are available individually or in quantity at wholesale rates.

You can keep Blue Heron Wellness gift cards on hand so you are always prepared to reward a job well done!

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Custom Program Development

Tell us about your needs and what you want to achieve and we can work with you to design a Workplace Wellness program tailored to your needs.

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