Yoga and Movement Workshops

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Qi Gong for Health, Relaxation and Meditation w/ Peter

Sunday, 3/1/2015, 3-5:30pm

Qigong, sometimes called Chinese Yoga, follows the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same as does Acupuncture. This workshop will focus on an ancient Qigong practice for health called the Eight Brocades.

These 8 exercises systematically stimulate, regulate and balance all 12 organ systems to support health of the body, acuity of the mind, and strength of the spirit. They are done as mindfulness practices which enhance rest, relaxation, and the development of a meditative mind. How the life force, energy – Qi (Chi), Prana – moves through the body will be explored along with ways to remove blocks. Some of the techniques easily transfer to other practices such as yoga, as well as application to daily life.
The class will be taught in a manner that will make it possible for the students to practice and develop on their own.
All Levels Welcome.

Flow Through Life with Ease w/ Claudia

Sunday, 3/8/2015, 2-4pm

Learn to effectively use your muscles to flow through your practice with ease.  When we begin this afternoon, we will work the muscles of the body through Hatha Yoga poses. These will include sun salutes, standing poses and some standing twists. Once the muscles have sufficiently warmed up, the breath and blood are flowing in a balanced way, we will slow the practice way down with several Yin style yoga poses.
Yin Yoga targets connective tissues, ligaments, bones and the joints through longer held (three minutes or more) poses, usually done in a restorative floor style.
We will conclude with a period of meditation after deep relaxation is achieved.
When you can access your muscles for strength, you can also learn how to release deeply, so use this afternoon to tap into your capacity to live with greater ease in your body.

Suitable for strong beginners as well as very advanced yogis.

Easing Into Spring: Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation w/ Hannah and Peter

Sunday, 3/29/2015

For thousands of years, cultures across the globe have recognized the Spring Equinox (or vernal equinox) as a time of resurrection and re-birth by celebrating the day when daylight and darkness are in balance and daylight will soon last longer than darkness. The Spring Equinox Retreat is an opportunity for you to practice yoga, deep relaxation, meditation and to reflect on discoveries you made during the winter that might support your growth in the months to come.
Yoga practice will be suited to all levels, relaxation will focus on letting go of stress and meditation will offer you an opportunity to be more present.

We will also share a tea inspired by the season.

All Levels Welcome.

Comparative Anatomy and Your Unique Body in Yoga w/ Machelle

Saturday, 5/2/2015

Harshly judging one’s range of motion is one of the greatest sources of unnecessary suffering in most people’s yoga practice. Although some challenges in postures are related to tight muscles or contracted joint tissues – many limitations are actually due to variations in bone shapes and joint orientations that can differ dramatically from one person to the next. Understanding YOUR yoga anatomy is best learned through direct hands on experience – testing your bones/joints and comparing them curiously with others.

This comparative anatomy workshop explores 14 major joints of the body that account for most of our yoga postures. For each joint we will perform bone range of motions tests on ourselves and on each other and then demonstrate how each varying joint will express itself in specific yoga postures.

Anatomy is a vast subject, but this playful, interactive workshop will reveal the basics in a way that clarifies and simplifies the yoga practice – putting the attention back where it belongs – how the key action of each pose makes you feel energetically. In this workshop, participants often experience an “ah-ha” moment about their body and their practice, which can be powerfully liberating and self-accepting.

This workshop is great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!


Wellness Workshops

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Couples Massage w/ Leslie

Sunday, 2/15/2015, 2-4pm

Massage is a profound way for partners to support one another through loving touch. Using touch in both harmonious and challenging times can contribute to more vibrancy and serenity in our work, play, sleep, sexuality, and communication.

In this workshop, we’ll learn hands-on massage techniques, intuitive approaches, and to be mindful of the intent that we put into healing touch. We’ll integrate elements of movement, acupressure, reflexology, and yoga in order to reduce stiffness and pain in joints, muscular fatigue, and anxiety.
We will perform the massages fully clothed and seated in chairs, with some shiatsu performed laying on the floor. For maximum comfort, please bring a covered bed pillow (1 per couple), and wear a t-shirt and pants to move in.
Come away from the class revitalized as individuals and as a couple.