Yoga and Movement Workshops

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Ease Autumn Overwhelm with Yoga, Ayurveda and Acupuncture w/ Hannah Leatherbury and Rebecca Snyder

Saturday, 9/20/14, 2-4pm

Early fall brings with it the transition into cooler, shorter days, and signs that nature is fading and/or loosing its summer radiance. We can carry anxiety, fear and feelings of being overwhelmed as this transition takes place. Age-old wisdom found within the ancient healing arts and traditional medicine systems of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda proves that we can take control of these feelings through specific practices that bring us back into balance. Join Hannah Leatherbury and Rebecca Snyder for an afternoon experience of auricular (ear-based) acupuncture, Ayurvedic oelation (oil-based) therapy, and a nourishing yoga/breathing/meditation sequence. Expect to leave with tips and tools that you can use at home to continue taming your feelings of overwhelm and stress. $50 before September 1st; $75 thereafter.  No same day registration.

Wellness Workshops

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Autumn Wellness: 10-Day Clean-Eating Detox w/ Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

Sunday, 9/21/14 through 9/30/14, online and in your own home

Are you ready to take a giant step forward in your health evolution?

If you’re stuck in a rut with your energy, feeling depleted or just a little junky, now is the time to shift some of those old, unhealthy habits and recreate your personal vitality through a detox.

Food is fuel.

A detox can help jumpstart a sluggish digestive system, transform your relationship to food and recharge your approach to eating.

This detox is not about deprivation but centered around the idea of healing and strengthening our digestive system. A detox is the opportunity to evaluate your eating habits, observe whether or not you are feeling nourished, healthy and energized by the food you eat, then make shifts where needed.

This 10 day detox will meet you where you are and offer you options so you can have the best detox experience possible. You determine the level of detoxing you feel comfortable with taking on, as well as how much participation with the rest of the detox group.

What is included in your detox?

*Recipe Booklet and Detox Tips

*Online Support through a private facebook group

*2 support phone calls during the 10 days (will be recorded for those who cannot attend call)

*Daily Check-in emails

An orientation and informational phone call will be Friday afternoon, September 19th.

Sign up before September 19th to receive your orientation packet and information for the initial phone call in advance.

Cost: $110