Yoga and Movement Workshops

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Tending the Joints: An Introduction to Yin Yoga w/ Machelle

Sunday, 11/23/14, 1:30-3:30pm

Yin Yoga utilizes floor poses held for 3-5 minutes each in order to modestly, within limits, stimulate ligaments through tugging and compressing joint tissue. This basic introduction to Yin Yoga theory and its simple repertoire of poses is self-empowering for the support and physical therapy for the joints, tendons, and ligaments of the low back, spine, hips, sacrum, knees and ankles.

In this workshop, the foundational principles of Yin Yoga will be discussed as well as the chemical responses that occur in the joints based on modern tissue regeneration research of why Yin Yoga is so uniquely therapeutic and rehabilitative to the joints.

All Levels Welcome


Gratitude Practice: A Special Thanksgiving Day Benefit Class w/ Naomi and Nathan

Thursday 11/27/14, 10-11:30am

Join Naomi and Nathan for a special Thanksgiving Day yoga class.
Take a little time on Thanksgiving morning to get on your mat and move with gratitude in mind. This practice will be just what you need to enjoy the beginning of what can be an intense holiday season and pave the way for an easeful celebration of Thanksgiving. Gather before the big meal with your yoga family and offer some much needed gratitude to your own body for sustaining you, while sharing the abundance of what your practice offers you with your extended community.

With sweetness and in gratitude, we offer this yoga practice to ourselves and also, through us, to all of those who support and sustain us every day through some gentle backbends.  We’ll be twisting and hip opening as well to prepare our bodies for the delicious meal ahead.

All proceeds of the class will benefit SOME (So Others Might Eat).

All levels welcome.


Tejas: Tending the Fire of Your Yoga Practice w/ Geneva

Sunday, 12/7/14, 2-4pm

Deepen your yoga practice by creating your own heat or tapas from within and using that fire to truly shine. Tejas is defined as radiance, fire, brilliance and spiritual power.  It nurtures courage, fearlessness, deep love and compassion.  Think of this type of practice as an alternative experience to Hot Yoga, perhaps a more natural and healthy approach. Rather than using an external source to generate heat, you will learn how to generate your own firepower.

This workshop will include a strong asana practice, breathwork (pranayama in sanskrit) and meditation (dhyana).  It will also include time for questions and observations regarding how this practice can impact your energy and life.

Comfort and Joy: A Kundalini Practice for the Holidays w/ Kati

Saturday, 12/13/14, 4-6pm

The holidays can be a truly challenging time for many of us; being with family, or feeling lonely can create stress, sadness and anxiety instead of warm, loving feelings. Kundalini Yoga is an extremely powerful, effective practice that provides balance, grace and clarity through life’s challenges.  This afternoon workshop is for Kundalini-lovers, as well as those new to the practice, who are looking for tools from their yoga practice to create a calmer and more enjoyable holiday season.

Join Ajeetdev Kaur/ Kati Gimes for a special workshop to prepare you for a stress-free and truly joyful holiday season!

All Levels Welcome!


Winter Solstice Retreat: Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation and Breaking Bread w/ Hannah and Peter

Sunday, 12/21/14, 2-4pm

For thousands of years, cultures across the globe have recognized the Winter Solstice as a time to gather and find comfort in their communities during the darkest days of the year. The Winter Solstice Retreat is an opportunity for you to practice of yoga, deep relaxation, meditation and then to share a nibble with others.

Yoga practice will be suited to all levels, relaxation will focus on letting go of stress and meditation will offer you an opportunity to be more present.

The nibble that we share together will incorporate a homemade, Ayurvedic masala (spice blend) and tea inspired by the season.

All Levels Welcome


New Year’s Eve Flow w/ Lauren and Catey

Wednesday, 12/31/14, 6-7:30pm

Join us as we let go of 2014 and open up to receive 2015.

This will be a dynamic class! Prepare to ease in with reflection, be motivated to move with music and cool down with restoration.

Join best buds and yoga teachers, Lauren and Catey, to give 2014 a proper send off on your mat and celebrate the arrival of a new year to come!

All Levels Welcome!


Special New Year’s Day Yoga Class w/ Claudia

Thursday, 1/1/2015, 10am-12pm

Join Claudia for her long-standing tradition of welcoming the new year with a bright, energizing and clarifying yoga practice.  Begin 2015 in the best way possible with joyful yoga practice to encourage the new possibilities of a new year.

This class is suitable for all levels and families are welcome!


The Spirit of Winter: Yin Yoga for Cultivating Wisdom w/ Machelle

Saturday, 1/10/2015, 2-4pm

While Yin Yoga is brilliant for the support of joints, in this special winter workshop we will also explore the connection between Yin Yoga’s modest, long held floor postures and the meridian pathway of the Kidneys/Urinary Bladder as viewed by traditional medicine such as acupuncture. These organs are thought to be the energetic reservoirs of the body and have the emotional connection to transform our fear to wisdom through understanding.
In this practice we will map the Kidney/Urinary Bladder energy lines, discuss their physical function and psychological associations while we utilize Yin Yoga postures that support these vital organs and emotions.
All Levels Welcome.


Winter Rest and Recharge: A Yoga and Acupressure Workshop w/ Shira

Saturday, 1/17/2015 2-4pm

As the landscape around us becomes frozen and blanketed in snow, our foot steps are hushed and that which will blossom in spring lies still below the ground. Winter is a time of great stillness, deep reflection, and restorative sleep.

In this workshop, we will invite these qualities into our bodies, minds, and lives by drawing from both yoga and Chinese medicine. We will begin with a gentle and easy meditative movement, continue with a breath practice, self-apply gentle pressure to a few points on the body, and finish with a full and effortless Yoga Nidra meditation practice.

You may wish to bring a journal. All other props provided. Everyone is welcome; no previous experience necessary.

All Levels Welcome


Financial Wellness: Couponing 101 w/ Kyara McCollum

Sunday, 1/18/2015 1:30-3pm

Learn how to maximize your grocery savings and purchase hundreds of dollars worth of items for pennies! This class will cover basic (and a few advanced) couponing techniques.  You will also learn the number one mistake most couponers make, as well as an efficient way to plan shopping trips in the least amount of time for the most effective savings.

Every student that participants in the class will leave with a new “starter” coupon binder: that includes coupon sleeves/inserts and handouts- to assist them with future shopping endeavors.
Kickstart your financial wellness and your purchasing power by knowing a more effective and inexpensive way to shop!


Rest, Reflect, Revive: Restorative Yoga w/ Tara

Saturday, 1/24/2015, 2-4pm

In the short, cold days of winter, we can find ourselves yearning to turn in. Far too often the demands of life don’t allow time to rest and reflect.
This workshop’s unique circuit of restorative yoga poses, skillfully arranged before you arrive, is the perfect opportunity for you thaw out, settle in, and get the nourishing rest your body needs.
All Levels Welcome

Wellness Workshops

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Post-Holiday Healthy Eating Program

with Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

January 4-13

Feeling the effects of the the holidays lingering in your body?  Start the New Year by shifting your eating habits towards deeply nourishing, soul-soothing foods that will make you feel lighter and healthier in your body.

The holiday season can leave us feeling depleted, sluggish and heavy due to a tendency to go overboard at holiday office parties and family celebrations.  This 10-day course will give you the tools you need to shed any holiday baggage you have accumulated, whether physical or emotion, as well as help you body heal from an overload of sugary, processed foods you might have overindulged in during the season.

You’ll also learn how to continue this healthier method of feeding yourself and your family throughout the year so that you can combat cravings when they arise and discover kinder, cleaner ways to treat your digestive system.

This 10-day program will help you ease the stress on your digestive system and stabilize your immune function so you can retain this nourished, light, healthy feeling throughout winter.

What you will receive:

*2 “live” support phone calls during the course (will be recorded for those who cannot participate live)

*Daily emails to check-in

*Access to a private facebook group where you can chat with, share your experiences and support others in the program with you

*Recipe Book full of time-tested, simple and satisfying plant-based recipes

Begin your new year with a new plan for sustainable health and wellness that will make you feel fantastic inside and out!