Yoga and Movement Workshops

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Easing Into Spring: Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation w/ Hannah and Peter

Sunday, 3/29/2015

For thousands of years, cultures across the globe have recognized the Spring Equinox (or vernal equinox) as a time of resurrection and re-birth by celebrating the day when daylight and darkness are in balance and daylight will soon last longer than darkness. The Spring Equinox Retreat is an opportunity for you to practice yoga, deep relaxation, meditation and to reflect on discoveries you made during the winter that might support your growth in the months to come.
Yoga practice will be suited to all levels, relaxation will focus on letting go of stress and meditation will offer you an opportunity to be more present.
We will also share a tea inspired by the season.
All Levels Welcome.

What Is Yoga Nidra, Really?: An Introduction to Yoga Nidra w/Shira

Saturday 4/18/25, 2-5pm

Whether you’ve heard of the deep relaxation effects of Yoga Nidra or even felt the tension melting and energy restoring benefits for yourself, you may still be wondering: what really happens during a Yoga Nidra session? In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at this effortless meditation by reviewing its ancient origins, examining the stages of the practice, and leaving lots of room for questions, insights, and thoughts—in addition to a comprehensive experience of Yoga Nidra.
This workshop is designed to give complete beginners an introduction to the practice and to allow returning students to explore it from a refreshed perspective. No physical exercise involved, just sitting or lying down comfortably.
All Levels Welcome

Friends Afternoon Out: Make Your Own Ghee and Chai Masala w/ Hannah

Saturday  4/25/15, 2-4pm

Do you want to spend a rejuvenating afternoon with a good friend and other women (foodies)? Join me as we learn how to make ghee (healing oil made from cultured butter) and the creamiest, yummiest chai tea.
In this workshop, you will learn how to toast, grind and blend your own chai masala (spice mix) and then how to use this masala to prepare a warming, nourishing chai tea. You’ll go home with your own ghee and chai tea spice blend as well as recipes and an understanding of what it takes to make the perfect cup of chai tea and the most nourishing ghee (much cheaper than buying it at the grocery store!).
All Levels Welcome

Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies w/ Annie

Sunday 4/26/15, 1:30-3:30pm

Experience all of the benefits of yoga with the pace and postures specifically adapted for your body. Learn to stretch, strengthen, and build endurance with a practice designed to complement your individual strengths and challenges. Do you have a large, round or curvy body? Think yoga isn’t for you or struggling to make yoga work for you? Want to learn new ways to support your body in your practice? This workshop is for you.
Annie will offer practical tools, modifications (and enhancements!), and detailed instruction on using various yoga props for sun salutations, standing poses, back bends and forward bends to help you explore all the amazing possibilities for your asana practice.
All Levels Welcome

Comparative Anatomy and Your Unique Body in Yoga w/ Machelle

Saturday, 5/2/2015

Harshly judging one’s range of motion is one of the greatest sources of unnecessary suffering in most people’s yoga practice. Although some challenges in postures are related to tight muscles or contracted joint tissues – many limitations are actually due to variations in bone shapes and joint orientations that can differ dramatically from one person to the next. Understanding YOUR yoga anatomy is best learned through direct hands on experience – testing your bones/joints and comparing them curiously with others.This comparative anatomy workshop explores 14 major joints of the body that account for most of our yoga postures. For each joint we will perform bone range of motions tests on ourselves and on each other and then demonstrate how each varying joint will express itself in specific yoga postures.Anatomy is a vast subject, but this playful, interactive workshop will reveal the basics in a way that clarifies and simplifies the yoga practice – putting the attention back where it belongs – how the key action of each pose makes you feel energetically. In this workshop, participants often experience an “ah-ha” moment about their body and their practice, which can be powerfully liberating and self-accepting.This workshop is great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Release Into Yoga: A Stress Management Workshop w/ Brooke

Saturday 5/9/15, 2-4pm

It’s safe to say that our exposure to stress is unavoidable. In this workshop you will learn how to transform faulty patterns of responding to anxiety and also how to create a comprehensive self-care plan for managing stress on a regular basis. The format of this workshop includes an education segment followed a gentle and restorative stress-relieving yoga sequence led by psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Brooke Baker.All Levels Welcome

Saturday 5/16/15, 10-11:30am

Come join Krista for a beautiful hike + yoga on the trail of the Northwest Branch creek, located right next to Blue Heron Wellness. Enjoy a vigorous hike and the relaxing sounds of the water and wildlife while practicing yoga.  We will take a 45 minute hike with 45 minutes of yoga interspersed along the way. Please wear athletic shoes , bring water and a towel or travel mat in a backpack.

All Levels welcome!

*note: This workshop will be held offsite.  Students will meet at Blue Heron to sign in, then will walk a short distance from the studio to the beginning of the trail.

Sleepless in Silver Spring: Kundalini Yoga for Deeper Sleep w/ Kati

Saturday 5/16/15, 4-6pm

In today’s world, sleep can be hard to come by–especially good sleep. The common answer to problems with sleep is often sleeping pills, which can be fraught with negative side affects.
Come and learn safe effective methods on how to get a good night’s sleep during this a special Kundalini workshop.
Kundalini Yoga is an extremely powerful, effective practice that provides balance, grace and clarity through life’s challenges.
All Levels Welcome

Journey Through the Chakras: Movement, Meditation and More w/ Shira

Sunday 5/17/15, 1-4pm

Instead of simply trusting what you’ve been told about the chakras or learning about these energy centers intellectually, this workshop is your invitation to EXPERIENCE.
Join Shira Oz-Sinai, Certified iRest® Yoga Nidra and Clinical Acupressure Practitioner, as she guides you across a far-reaching journey through chakras. Your tools for this journey are gentle and easy movement (Chakra Tai Chi), breath awareness (pranayama), self-applied touch (acupressure), and meditation (Yoga Nidra). Tuning into these energy centers with attention is the key to manifesting your wildest dreams and living absolutely free. But there is only one way to find out… Come and experience it for yourself!
All Levels Welcome

Elemental Harmony: Vinyasa Flow and Live Music with Sara Crosby and Special Guest, Bill Jenkins

Friday 5/22/15, 7-9pm

Celebrate the spring and experience the power of the living flow with an integrated exploration of the elemental body and a reconnection to the rhythms of nature.  Earth, Water, Fire and Air are the building blocks of our body, our energy and the world around us.
Accompanied by live music, we will use Prana Flow inspired vinyasa to connect to the source of each of the elements, as they exist both within and without, manifesting the elemental qualities of grounding, fluidity, transformation and freedom.
Class is suitable for all levels, though some familiarity with Vinyasa is recommended.

Qi Gong for Health, Relaxation and Meditation w/ Peter

Sunday, 5/24/2015, 3-5:30pm

Qigong, sometimes called Chinese Yoga, follows the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same as does Acupuncture. This workshop will focus on an ancient Qigong practice for health called the Eight Brocades.
These 8 exercises systematically stimulate, regulate and balance all 12 organ systems to support health of the body, acuity of the mind, and strength of the spirit. They are done as mindfulness practices which enhance rest, relaxation, and the development of a meditative mind. How the life force, energy – Qi (Chi), Prana – moves through the body will be explored along with ways to remove blocks. Some of the techniques easily transfer to other practices such as yoga, as well as application to daily life.
The class will be taught in a manner that will make it possible for the students to practice and develop on their own.
All Levels Welcome.

Wellness Workshops

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Spring Clean!: An 11-Day Healthier Eating Program w/ Naomi

Begins Monday, 4/13/15

Feeling the effects of the winter lingering in your body? Give your body a fresh start by shifting your eating habits towards deeply nourishing, soul-soothing foods that will make you feel lighter and healthier in your body.
The winter season can leave us feeling depleted, sluggish and heavy due to a tendency to go overboard at holiday office parties and family celebrations, as well as eating heavier and denser foods that are associated with winter time. This 11-day e-course will give you the tools you need to shed any holiday baggage you have accumulated, whether physical or emotion, as well as help you body heal from an overload of sugary, processed foods you might have overindulged in during the season.
You’ll also learn how to continue this healthier method of feeding yourself and your family throughout the year so that you can combat cravings when they arise and discover kinder, cleaner ways to treat your digestive system.
This program will help you ease the stress on your digestive system and stabilize your immune function so you can retain this nourished, light, healthy feeling throughout winter.
What you will receive:
*2 “live” support phone calls during the course (will be recorded for those who cannot participate live)
*Daily emails to check-in
*Access to a private facebook group where you can chat with, share your experiences and support others in the program with you
*Recipe Book full of time-tested, simple and satisfying plant-based recipes
You will also have the opportunity to participate in an Orientation phone call to help give you guidance in how to begin your new eating plan, as well as the reasoning and science behind this method.
Orientation phone call will take place on Friday, April 10th at 2pm. Sign up to soon to receive the phone number to participate and listen in to the call!
Give yourself a new plan for sustainable health and wellness that will make you feel fantastic inside and out!