Yoga and Movement Workshops

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Elemental Harmony: Vinyasa Flow and Live Music with Sara Crosby and Special Guest, Bill Jenkins

Friday 8/7/15, 7-9pm

Celebrate the season and experience the power of the living flow with an integrated exploration of the elemental body and a reconnection to the rhythms of nature.  Earth, Water, Fire and Air are the building blocks of our body, our energy and the world around us.
Accompanied by live music, we will use Prana Flow inspired vinyasa to connect to the source of each of the elements, as they exist both within and without, manifesting the elemental qualities of grounding, fluidity, transformation and freedom.
Class is suitable for all levels, though some familiarity with Vinyasa is recommended.

Yoga for Shoulder and Neck Relief w/ Jill

Saturday 8/15/15, 2-4pm

Many people suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain due to stress, poor posture or injury. Yoga can help relieve some of these symptoms, but repetitive movements such as vinyasas or weight on the upper body (think down dog) can exacerbate the pain for many people by creating tighter neck and shoulders. This practice will move through a series of gentle standing flow poses designed to open the upper body, release tension from the neck , and sync breath with movement to connect the body and mind in a meditative state. Students will move from standing poses to seated yin poses that will help prepare the body for a brief body scan meditation. Body scan meditation has been shown to reduce pain in people who practice it regularly. It’s a great way to release tension and calm the mind and body. This practice is for anyone who wants to unwind and reduce stress and tension in their upper body.

All levels welcome.


Yoga and Hiking Adventure on the Northwest Branch Trail with Krista

Saturday August 22th, 10-11:30am

 In this 90 minute workshop we will explore the beauty of the nature surrounding us alongside a strong, opening, and relaxing vinaysa yoga practice.  We will practice to the soothing sounds of water, birds, and natures gifts.  We will come away settled, grounded, and relaxed, with a deeper appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us even in the midst of a city setting.  Beauty can be found anywhere, come find it with us!

Please bring a water bottle and wear athletic shoes.

All Levels welcome!

*note: This workshop will be held offsite.  Students will meet at Blue Heron to sign in, then will walk a short distance from the studio to the beginning of the trail.

Handstand Prep School w/ Naomi

Saturday 8/22/15, 1:30-2:30pm

When did you last do a handstand?  For most adults, our last handstand was also around the same time we last had outdoor recess.  If your last handstand was in Elementary School, but you’re yearning to get back upside down, this is a great place to begin your handstand adventures again!

As yogis, we know that there are many physical benefits of being upside-down, including refreshing the flow of blood in the body and toning the core.  The emotional benefits are even more powerful, which shifting your perspective, building confidence and empowering your bravery!

A successful inversion is as much about believing in yourself as it is about building the amount of strength you’ll need to hold yourself up. In this workshop, we’ll focus on some confidence-building poses, as well as some basic strength drills to help get you ready for your handstands. You’ll also be given some “handstand homework” so you can continue to practice on your own.

Practicing inversions should be an empowering endeavor rather than a soul crushing exercise, so our mission is to reclaim our courage on our mats to inspire radical shifts in every other area of our lives.  Come prepared to blow yourself away and conquer your fears all while turning your world upside-down!


Handstands for Daredevils w/ Naomi

Saturday 8/22/15, 2:45-4:15pm

It’s time to play!

If you love handstands and want to learn fun new ways to explore your handstand practice, this workshop is meant for you!

We’ll play with different entries into and out of handstand, as well as learning the basics of working towards a “wall-free” handstand. Fun leg positions and transitions will also be on the menu.

Come with a willingness to play your edge, challenge yourself and have a lot of fun while you’re doing it!

Adventurous yogis welcome!