Yoga and Movement Workshops

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Elemental Harmony: Vinyasa Flow and Live Music with Sara Crosby and Special Guest, Bill Jenkins

Friday 5/22/15, 7-9pm

Celebrate the spring and experience the power of the living flow with an integrated exploration of the elemental body and a reconnection to the rhythms of nature.  Earth, Water, Fire and Air are the building blocks of our body, our energy and the world around us.
Accompanied by live music, we will use Prana Flow inspired vinyasa to connect to the source of each of the elements, as they exist both within and without, manifesting the elemental qualities of grounding, fluidity, transformation and freedom.
Class is suitable for all levels, though some familiarity with Vinyasa is recommended.

Qi Gong for Health, Relaxation and Meditation w/ Peter

Sunday, 5/24/2015, 3-5:30pm

This class has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sunday 6/21/15

The word “Solstice” means “standing in the sun.”  On this day, the sun is at its apex of power.  We are standing at the threshold between light and dark, the midpoint of the year.  The solstice is an opportunity to check in with how we are using and supporting our energy.  Are we allowing our bodies to find balance or are we constantly finding ourselves depleted?

Our yoga practice will teach us how to build, harness and sustain the bright energy of the sun in our bodies.   We’ll twist to build stability in our center and backbend to expand through our hearts, radiating our great power from within.

As we develop the power of our own sun, we will also use the tools of pranayama, meditation and essential oils to learn how to brighten our energy without burning out.

The practice will be infused with various essential oils. Essential oils are a vibrational tool.  They affect the mood as well as emotion on a conscious and unconscious level. Each essential oil will be diffused or applied during the practice to help us access a feeling of abundance, vitality and optimism, as we look forward to the second half of the year.

Invite yourself into an afternoon practice to renew your own internal power source and radiate light!

All Levels Welcome


Wellness Workshops

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Journey Through the Five Elements with Rebecca

Sunday 6/28/15, 2-3:30pm

Take a Journey through the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine! Through qi gong (energy cultivation), acupuncture and other awareness-building activities, we will open our senses to perceive the energies of the 5 and discuss ways to use this powerful system to harmonize and bring balance into our lives.

We will:
*Experience the sights, smells and tastes of the 5 Elements through sense and awareness opening exercises.
• Learn a harmonizing 5 Element Qi Gong routine using Movement and Healing sounds.
• Perform a 5-Element Self-Assessment and learn to assess our own elemental balance.
• Receive a simple acupuncture treatment based on this assessment.

All Levels Welcome