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Kevin has been practicing yoga for 6 years. His journey began with a spinal infection in 2009; yoga offered the healing he was looking for. He decided through his healing experience that he wanted to spread the love and knowledge of yoga. In June 2013, Kevin trained at Kripalu in Massachusetts. He has gone through periods of teaching yin, hatha, vinyasa, restorative, master classes, etc.. His practice and teaching tends to be geared towards diving inward and moving mindfully.

Kevin’s classes are soulful, energetic expressions of life and yoga. He allows space and intention for creative expression and development of your own yogic practice, while celebrating the connection we each bring as individuals into one community. His connection to intention and meditation is clear and allows each yogi to know themselves on a deeper level.

Kevin honors each yogis journey. Kevin’s most recent adventure involved trekking across the country and back this summer. He loves nature, slacklining, and anything outdoors. His mission is to co-create a world of peace and union through teaching and loving.

We are all one.

Erika began practicing yoga in high school and has been a dedicated yogi since. She loves teaching in a variety of environments and is committed to bringing yoga to people of all ages and abilities. She believes there is no toddler too energetic or teenager to sullen - and she knows because she was that sullen teenager - to benefit from the transformative power of a good downward dog and restful savasana.
Amy‘s yoga journey began in 2006, participating in Anusara Immersion in 2008. After living and working abroad in Libya and England, and becoming a mother, Amy returned to the area and completed Yoga Teacher Training at Blue Heron, receiving an RYT-200 certification. Her yogic vision is to embrace and inspire personal truth and integrity on and off the mat. Amy uses relevant themes, empowering verbal cues, and thoughtful sequencing with insights gained from the natural world, spiritual curiosities, classroom teaching, experience as an art therapist, and life in general. Amy lives in Silver Spring with her husband, two small boys, rescue dog and two cats.
Yeidy started practicing yoga in her native San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2008 while seeking balance from her stressful job as an attorney. She soon found that yoga has a healing and invigorating way of soothing the mind and the body. Yeidy has a non-judgmental and compassionate approach towards her teaching. Expect a fluid, uplifting class with new music and lots of letting go.

A mom of a little yogi she enjoys combining two things close to her heart : yoga and children into fun kids yoga classes for the curious little ones.

With a background in dance and a Master’s Degree from a seminary, mindful movement has been a part of Tanory's life and process for a very long time.  She worked for ten years in nonprofit organizations, then having children brought her back to mindful movement and spiritual practices.

She has been practicing yoga and meditation off and on since 2002, and teaching since 2011.

She teaches gentle and challenging flows, infused with buddhist mindfulness practices.

Tanory"s Clients Say:

"The Yoga II class taught by Tanory Ateek on Wednesdays at 7 PM is phenomenal. Her yoga teaching skills are impressive. She plans vigorous yet meditative sequences of asanas which deepen the yoga student's practice. I strongly recommend the yoga classes taught by her to intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners." Nandi L., 10/15

Donna Britt first took yoga 15 years ago in Mexico and fell in love with its beauty, precision and spirituality. After studying Iyengar and vinyasa flow yoga locally for several years, she learned that her favorite yoga teacher was moving out of the state. Britt was flattered--and terrified--when the teacher asked if she'd like to take over teaching her class. After training with Yogafit, Britt taught yoga for three years at White Oak Sport & Health and a number of private clients. She is a member of the International Association of Black Yoga Instructors.
Francine’s independent and intuitive yogic studies began over thirty years ago. First practicing with Lilias Folan via the rabbit-eared black and white t.v. screen on top of a dresser in her parent’s bedroom, she’s followed her heart through various paths and lessons ever since. Her roots stand firmly in the Hatha tradition and her primary influences from the alignment based branches of yoga continue to inform and inspire her.

Francine's Clients Say:
"Very relaxing and friendly environment. The receptionist was very welcoming. I did pre-natal yoga. The teacher, Francine, was really nice to put me at ease since it was my first time. She also provided good advices during the lesson to do postures at the very best and after she recommended other courses I can attend in my conditions. I think it is a very good investment for yourself and I think I will also try the many other services they offer!" Francesca B., 10/15

"Francine is such a nurturing guide for all of the mamas in her pre and post natal class. She gently encourages women to stretch and build strength for their changing bodies while honoring the new life building within. She takes the time to get to know individual students and provides emotional as well as physical support. I recommend this class to all mamas!" Annie N. 11/2015
Liz is an E-RYT 200. She was brought to yoga and remains inspired by her three children and their unique relationships with the universe. Liz’s playful and spirited attitude makes yoga and its benefits fun and accessible for everyone.
Annie Carlin has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, studying many different styles from vigorous vinyasa to technical alignment-based hatha, prenatal and therapeutic yoga. She completed her 200-hour training with Tias Little (Prajna Yoga) in 2011 and has been teaching ever since. In December 2014, Annie completed her 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training certification with Integral Yoga. Her goal is to create a safe space for all to enjoy the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. She emphasizes self-acceptance and specializes in customizing poses to suit each person’s practice. Through thoughtful sequencing and creative modifications, Annie hopes to show her students that everyone can do amazing things on the mat. Annie offers profound gratitude to all of her teachers and students and is thrilled to be sharing this incredible practice.

Annie's Clients Say: "I thoroughly enjoyed my first fundamentals of yoga class with Annie last night. She is a wonderful, down to earth, knowledgeable yoga teacher that makes yoga principles and asanas and/or their associated benefits achievable no matter your body type or fitness level. I've been seeking a way back into a daily yoga practice for quite some time and this course and teacher are just what I've needed! I highly recommended it." Saku, 10/28/15

"As a first time yoga class goer, I was impressed with the warmth and cleanliness of the facility. My instructor, Annie, was amazing. She made me feel welcome, and gave great feedback on my form and provided me with modifications since it was my first class. I would highly recommend it!" Clara M. 10/15
Trained as a dancer her whole life, Sara first saw Vinyasa yoga as a natural supplement to her dancing. Though after discovering Prana Flow in 2006, her commitment to yoga jumped to a whole new level. The guided free form movement and creative, flowing sequencing really resonated; it was like dancing on her mat.
Sara is currently studying to complete her 500 hour RYT in Prana Flow. Yoga has also ignited a deep passion for service work, with a focus on sustainable community development, taking Sara both across continents and into her own backyard. Currently she lending her efforts to help develop The Growing Hope Initiative, a new non-profit dedicated to using organic agriculture, yoga and the arts to transform communities in Southern Florida and the Keys.
She also recently completed the Off the Mat and Into the World Leadership Training Program and hopes to continue to use yoga as a means to unite, heal and empower.
When not on the mat, Sara works as a documentary film producer and new mom to a beautiful baby girl.
“Kati” channels her enthusiasm to empower others to live a life with peaceful minds and hearts filled with love. She believes yoga is a powerful way to free mind and body from self-limitations and that through practice, people can access the very essence of who they are. Since earning certification in 2004, Katie continues to study the rainbow of yoga traditions and studied yoga therapy completing an in-depth course on Ayurveda in 2008.
Her unique teaching style is comprised of dynamic multi-dimensional flows, deep breath work and a focus on alignment. She addresses each individual’s needs and limitations, creating a safe environment for her students to be guided through physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Her latest love is Kundalini yoga, the king of all yogas. Kati completed a 200 hour Kundalini Yoga teaching program and is a KRI certified teacher. Her life has been completely transformed by this lesser known practice and she is very eager to share this amazing technology.
Kati moved to the States 23 years ago from Budapest, Hungary where she was a television producer. She currently works for a local nonprofit organization and teaches yoga every minute she can find.
Naomi fell in love with yoga at first downward facing dog and has been a passionate advocate for yoga ever since. Known for her ability to offer creative and intelligently sequenced yoga classes, Naomi combines a fluidity of movement and a playful spirit with a clear, precise focus on alignment. Naomi invites each student to explore their edges on the yoga mat in order to discover an innate ability to do things they never thought possible. Expect to sweat a little, laugh a lot and fall in love with your yoga practice all over again.
An activist at heart, Naomi’s practice is informed by the idea that yoga is not just what we do on our mats, but the way we live our lives. Her teaching is grounded in the lessons she receives every day from being a mother to her sweet daughter Milly, as well as the simple yet profound discoveries that can be made by living and loving fully.
Naomi is an E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching in the DC area for nearly 10 years. For the past few years, Naomi has been deepening her study of Ayurveda and training to become a Yoga Health Coach. In addition to yoga classes, she offers online Healthier Habits courses for people interested in living better in their bodies for the rest of their lives. Find out more about Naomi at
Jill has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and finds joy in sharing her knowledge and experience with all ages. She particularly loves to share mindfulness-based movement with children and finds it delightful to watch them grow and learn. Jill also enjoys working with children that face neurological or emotional challenges and teaching them coping skills through yoga. Jill is particularly drawn to the challenge of working with adults that are new to yoga and finding creative ways to help them deeply benefit from all that yoga has to offer. Jill is a RYT200 and has done training in kid’s yoga. She is working towards a children’s yoga certification.
Rachel’s yoga journey began in 2005. What started as a means to “work out,” very quickly evolved into a place of deep reconnection with the self. The process of integrating mind, body and breath opened a new world for Rachel. A world with more self compassion, self awareness, clarity, serenity and empowerment. Rachel graduated from Blue Heron Wellness’ RYT 200 program in 2013. Rachel’s classes are light-hearted and lively while also offering the opportunity to dig deep into the potential of your postures and personal practice; peeling away the layers to re-connect with your natural, unique gifts and let your inner light shine. You can expect attention to alignment, to help finetune your asanas, as well as a sweet flow. Rachel is continuously inspired by her three playful, young children and supportive husband. Rachel is forever grateful to her beloved teachers, with whom she credits the transformation of her practice.
Nancy has been a serious yoga and meditation practitioner for more than a decade and a half. Nancy received her yoga RYT 200 training at Blue Heron Wellness Center in 2011 and has been teaching there ever since. She continues her training in yoga anatomy and yoga therapy, having amassed over 75 hours with Martin Kirk to date.
Yoga is her passion.
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