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2015/2016 Yoga Teacher Training

Starts Fall 2015

RYT 200 Hour Program

yoga teacher training


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Questions? Call us (301-754-3730) Plan to Attend the Free Information Sessions to be Scheduled Late Summer.

I think Blue Heron is a wonderful place. The yoga teachers are enthusiastic and kind. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in the last year.” — Nancy K.

Mission Statement:

Blue Heron Wellness’ program offers a balanced education providing students with the knowledge and technical skills required to lead transformational classes. Instruction is provided in a supportive, community-oriented environment by dedicated and experienced teachers. Upon completion, our students will have deepened their relationship with and understanding of yoga.

Program Overview:

Our yoga teacher training program promotes and preserves the ancient wisdom and traditions of yoga while honoring and cultivating the individual journey of the modern yoga teacher. The program encourages students to build their practice and use yoga to transform mind, body and spirit. The program provides a foundation in the following areas:

*Teaching Techniques and Methodology
*Anatomy and Physiology
*Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
*Yoga Philosophy
*Class Sequencing
*Assisting and Adjusting
Blue Heron’s Life-Friendly program has classes held on weekends, once monthly, on Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  You will have the opportunity to practice teaching, making observations, assisting students in asanas, learning from required reading, tests and a community-service project.  Included in the training, and a favorite of all graduates,  is a weekend retreat that will truly change you by deepening your study and your practice, forming lasting connections within the group and offering time to focus specifically on the YTT curriculum topics and any specific issues you may be experiencing with them.  This is a time for significant break throughs!
A minimum of one year of regular yoga practice is recommended before beginning this program. Whether you are looking to deepen your practice or begin teaching yoga, Blue Heron’s program will transform and empower you.

Upon completion, students will have completed the requirements to become a 200-hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) through Yoga Alliance.

At least one year of regular yoga practice is recommended before beginning this course.  We welcome those of all fitness levels and body types to join this program.  This experience will be one that will expand and challenge the body and mind in ways that will strengthen you as a teacher and practitioner of yoga.

Blue Heron’s Yoga Teacher Training Program is co-directed by Lauren Richardson and Carrie Ganz. Our entire faculty is drawn from a community of teachers with vast experience in various yogic methods, styles and traditions. This year’s program will include additional instruction from Naomi Gottlieb-Miller, Hannah Leatherbury, Peter Mosher , Shira Oz-Sinai and Tara Lemerise.

Carrie Ganz

Carrie Ganz, E-RYT 200

Carrie loves to share her delight for the practice of yoga with her students. She finished her 350 hour teacher training program at Willow Street Yoga in 2006 and continues to deepen her own practice by studying yoga and therapeutics. Carrie firmly believes that yoga is for everyone; every body, every age and stage of life. There are few things she enjoys more than helping a student into a new pose for the first time. Her classes emphasize empowerment and joy and are imbued with a sense of creativity, play and freedom.

Lauren Ricunnamedhardson, E-RYT 200

Lauren discovered yoga over twenty years ago as a way to balance her athletic pursuits, passionate heart and overall curiosity of being. After practicing a variety of styles, she trained with Jonny Kest in the Ashtanga tradition. She teaches a dynamic series of sequenced postures that flow together to promote mobility and healing in the body, focus and ease in the mind and awareness and connection with the breath. She enjoys working with all ages and abilities and believes that yoga meets you where you are, as it is both therapeutic and invigorating. In addition to working in studios, Lauren has had the opportunity to share the benefits of yoga with children in camps, schools and as a training element of many athletic teams. She has directed yoga teacher training programs for the past 5 years at multiple centers and continues to learn and grow from her inspiring student trainees.

2015/2016 Program Dates


Interested in sharing your love of yoga with others? Ready to make the change to a more satisfying career? Eager to deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and practice? Plan to attend our free Yoga Teacher Training information session to be held later in the summer.  There you will learn more about our comprehensive program, meet graduates of the program from years past, and speak with the faculty of the program.  Bring your questions and shared enthusiasm for yoga and find out if our Yoga Teacher Training Program is right for you!

Two informational sessions will be held on a Saturday and a second on a Sunday afternoon in late summer/early Fall.

At the end of this program, students are eligible to become Registered Yoga Teachers at the 200 hour level (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance.


Classes Start October, 2015 *

2015/2016 Yoga Teacher Training Program Schedule

October 16-18  March 11-13
November 13-15  April 8-10
December 12-14  April 29-31, Special OffSite Retreat
January 8-10 May 20-22
February 5-7 June 10-12

* Subject to change.

For questions related to the program, please contact Jill Grospierre,  Assistant Yoga Director by calling 301-754-3730 or through email at

Call (301) 754-3730 or click here for more information.